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More Than 400,000 Provider Contracts

FirstAccess manages one of the largest PPO networks in the U.S., including more than 400,000 direct and affiliate medical, dental, cash and workers’ compensation provider contracts. We have partnerships with national and regional PPOs that allow access to primary and supplemental contracted rates. Through our payer clients, our network has serviced over 18 million lives.

FirstAccess network and negotiation contracts were originally built to make money for our clients in the high deductible and supplemental insurance marketplace. And they still do. Our network expertise is anchored around provider fee schedules, provider demographics and delivering hard dollar savings results.

The Cash Network: The Consumer And Provider Win

Unique to the PPO network marketplace, FirstAccess provider cash network provides a “cash” tangible discount when the patient pays at the time of service. Patients have access to providers who give a discount in exchange for payment at the time of service. FirstAccess is the nation’s largest consumer directed marketplace.

The Solutions

Wrap Network

As a secondary network, First Access provides the payer and their insureds, increased coverage and a competitive edge. Our managed provider referral services offers one toll-free number for both primary and secondary networks and a client customized website for provider referrals.

Network On-Demand

Our patented technology identifies the network used and communicates the price information to the provider at the time of service. Claim processes do not change and new network logos are not necessary. The insured receives the negotiated rate at the time of service.

Supplemental Solutions

Minimum Value

Our Minimum Value Program provides our clients with a fixed cost network solution as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Claims are repriced at a percentage of the Medicare fee schedule and services can be added to help insureds with any potential balance billing.

Primary Network Solution

Competitive Health is contracted with all of the national primary networks in the country and most of the regional networks. Our solutions work with all existing vendors.

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