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Solutions for Your Organization

Benefit from reduced administrative costs and improved employee and member retention with
our flexible healthcare network solutions. Solutions are custom tailored to meet your needs.

Employers & Unions

Expand your provider network for employees and members along with discounted health and lifestyle services.

Associations & Groups

Recruit and retain members with valuable savings programs on a variety of healthcare and lifestyle services.

Carriers & TPAs

Offer a customized membership benefit with either private label or co-branded program for added member value.

Employers, Unions & Organizations

Enhance the value of your benefits while offering employees a new way to save on dental and other health and lifestyle services.

  • Patented Technology
    Our suite of patented payment technology solutions has processed over $2 billion in healthcare transactions. Solutions include payment at the time of service, post-adjudication payments and consumer loyalty programs.
  • Network Optimization
    Increase sales and savings with Network Optimization and provide a powerful extension of coverage and discounts. If you already have a network in place, we can enhance it. Or build a custom network modeled to secure new business.
  • Ancillary Advantages
    Enhance an existing program or offer a membership benefit as a member reward. Competitive Health can build a complete product to meet your unique program needs. We customize benefits on a wholesale basis with the option to private label or co-brand the program.
  • Online Consumer Tools
    Interactive directory portal are customized to include multiple networks, designed for members to lookup specialists and referral providers on a specific criteria. Users can search by primary care physician, facility, location and affiliations.

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