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About Competitive Health

Established as a healthcare data technology company in 1996, Competitive Health develops and delivers technology driven consultative solutions. We bring our customers a competitive edge, tangible returns and a measurable increase in sales, not just in member savings.

Competitive Health is an award-winning, privately-held network and program enhancement company. We provide patented technology-based, consumer-driven programs and payment solutions to clients throughout the United States.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Irvine, California, with executive offices in Newport Beach, California and provider referral services in Houston, Texas.

Competitive Health has established itself as the preeminent supplier of healthcare network access with unique technology and fixed-cost strategies. Our history of results translates to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Affinity Groups and Exchanges.

Programs that want to increase sales work with Competitive Health to identify the “optimal” network strategy, including access to medical, dental, workers compensation and Medicare fee schedules. We perform all of the administrative functions, including delivery of network solutions, websites, dedicated customer service and reports to the program.

Competitive Health excels in payment solutions, including the cost effective delivery of payments to the provider or to the patient. Virtual payments, reloadable debit cards, claimant cards, ACH/835 and check printing are some of the services our technology facilitates. In some cases our clients have not only saved money, they added millions of dollars in new revenue to their bottom line.


We have developed stringent policies, procedures and physical security controls that prevent unauthorized access to client information and systems. Our comprehensive security program includes:

  • HIPAA certified personnel
  • Encrypted email and file delivery
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Physical Security and Controls
  • Network Architecture and Security
  • System and Remote Access Controls
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
  • Call Center Security
  • Security Administration
  • Intrusion Detection

In addition to protecting your data, Competitive Health will not use information in a way that has not been authorized by you.