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A New Corporate Identity To Meet A Changing Marketplace

After nearly 20 years of transformative work for healthcare network payment marketplace, Competitive Health, Inc., has a new dynamic corporate identity to match. “We believe the complex healthcare network market is missing an opportunity to reduce costs by offering innovative network solutions. We help customers develop these solutions and we wanted to make sure our identity reflected that message,” says Kimberly Darling, Competitive Health CEO and founder.

Competitive Health, Inc., was founded in 1996 and was one of the first companies to provide a proven automated patient payment responsibility and network real-time solution to the healthcare marketplace. Competitive Health excels in developing healthcare payment solutions, including the cost effective delivery of payments to the healthcare provider, or to the patient. Virtual payments, reloadable debit cards, claimant cards, ACH/835 and check printing are a few of the services Competitive Health’s technology facilitates. In many cases clients have not only saved money, they added millions of dollars in new revenue to their bottom line.

The leadership of Competitive Health is devoted to finding unique payment solutions in the healthcare network space, and they find it personally satisfying to serve this niche marketplace. Darling continues, “We’re in the middle of transformative changes in the healthcare payment market — some good changes, and some changes that will challenge the industry. Payors have to be ready to adapt, and our technology is a ‘game changer’. It was time for our corporate identity to reflect the new opportunities and solutions available to our customers.”

Competitive Health, Inc., can be found online at and the leadership will be actively engaged on LinkedIn, identifying new and innovative ways to realize cost savings in healthcare payments.